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Illahe 1899 Expedition


Celebrate with us! Our 1899 pinot noir is made without electricity or modern machinery.  Everything is done by hand (foot, or bike), including getting it to our distributor in Portland. 

To do this, we transport the wine by stagecoach, canoe, and bicycle to Portland.  It is a 3 day trip, about 90 miles on the Willamette river.

We invite you to be a part of it. Come to the river to meet the stagecoach and cheer the paddlers on as they venture down the Willamette, Sunday, August 12th, at about 9:00 am at Independence Riverview Park, at the small beach there.

There will be a launch celebration at the winery after the canoes are on their way (we will open early that day).  Join us for a special library taste of the 1899 pinot noir.  We may even open a magnum! 

If you would like to paddle along with us and/or camp, you are more than welcome! The entire trip will be August 12 - August 14th.  Email Bethany to RSVP and for more details, such as campsites etc.

This is always a fun and exciting project and expedition for us.  Follow our Instagram and Facebook, for pictures along the journey!

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